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The Invisible Leader:
The Model for Leading in the Virtual Workspace
By Dr. Ann Gladys

The Surprising Truth About What It Takes To Make Your Numbers and Sleep Better at Night

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     In an age of re-engineering, re-purposing, and re-tooling; perhaps nothing is as pervasive as re-defining the art of work. That’s right, basic everyday work. The kind of work we do to support our families, pay the mortgage, and put food on the table. How is it possible that what used to be a highly supervised, single location, 9 to 5 workday has morphed into an incredibly flexible environment where work is performed in a house, a car, a conference room, and yes – even on the beach? And where is the leader, manager, or supervisor in this world? That’s right, invisible!

     Losing visual contact with employees can create conditions tantamount to flying an airplane in the clouds with no visibility, only instrumentation. In this case, the pilot must navigate the skies with the belief that the instruments are functioning as promised. Just as the lack of visuals requires trust in the instruments, so too, the invisible leader must trust his/her virtual employees. Ultimately, the leader is left with a decision that rests on two questions: can I trust my employees, and can I afford not to trust my employees? 

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